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With 9000 clients visiting our branches every month, Expander is a leader among financial advisors in Poland.

Whether you are looking for a mortgage, the best way to save for retirement or for advice on how to invest for your and your family’s future – we stand ready to help you.

Expander, the first financial advisor for individual clients, has been operating in Poland since 2000. It started with internet portal as the only distribution channel, evolving into a traditional branch network over years.

Expander acts like a broker specializing in personal finance. Our aim is to provide our clients with the widest possible range of products.

Among the products that we offer to our clients are:

  • mortgage loan (e.g. housing loan, home equity loan)
  • cash loan
  • corporate and investment loan
  • insurance

The company cooperates with top-tier financial institutions present in Poland – both local and international. To ensure that our clients can get the right product for their needs, our offering comprises 95% of mortgage loan products available in the marketplace. Our advisors research and recommend the most appropriate financial products and solutions after screening clients with a range of detailed questions about their circumstances, their financial goals and their attitude towards risk.
Our advisors will assist and guide you through the application process.

We don’t collect any extra fees and there are no hidden costs to our service – the products we offer are no more expensive than if taken directly from financial institutions. Moreover, in many cases, our advisors are able to negotiate even better loan terms with our partners.

Contact us: kontakt@expander.pl